Causes of a Loose Vagina

When it comes to sexual intercourse in a relationship one of a woman’s worst fears would be getting told that they are too loose to give their partner any satisfaction therefore problems may arise in the relationship due to lack of arousal. Although there are many myths and misunderstandings when it comes to the concept of a loose vagina because it is a topic of education which is traditionally avoided and ignored due to moral uncomfortable thoughts with the concept. This article will not only help clear up what causes and does not cause a loose vagina along with how you can learn to tighten your vagina to help stimulate your partner.

What does the term loose vagina mean?

A loose vagina is traditionally identified by the fact that either your partner is already complaining that there is a lack of stimulation in the relationship or inserting 3 fingers into the vagina and feeling no pressure from the inside walls of the vagina.

What are the myths when it comes to a loose vagina?

The most common misconception when it comes to a loose vagina is that people assume child birth will change the tightness of the vagina, this is not true. In most childbirth cases the vaginal walls are elastic in nature and return right back to the normal size, the normal size being the walls of the vagina touching each other when sexual stimulation has not occurred.

The next common misconception is that a loose vagina means the woman has had a lot of sex in her lifetime, this is not true although the vagina may still be loose if the woman had still been sexually stimulated from the last sexual occurrence, or maybe from no occurrence at all but stimulated nonetheless.

What are real causes of a loose vagina?

A loose vagina is only meant to occur when the woman is sexually stimulated. The walls of the vagina spread to create a more comfortable sexual experience which is also why the vagina naturally becomes more lubricated also.

The only other thing which could occur which would lead to the vagina becoming larger than normal would be after a surgical procedure known as episiotomy. An episiotomy is when the vaginal wall has to be torn to aid in getting the baby out of the woman’s body, traditionally a procedure which has to be carried out if the baby becomes stuck during the birthing process.

How can a woman tighten and strengthen the walls of the vagina?

An exercise procedure known as Kegel exercises is a reliable and easy way to build up the pelvic muscles which control the closing and opening of the vaginal wall. To do Kegel exercises the woman tightens the pelvic muscles for a significant period of time a few times a day and slowly builds up holding time each day, this builds up the strength and size of the pelvic muscle creating a tighter vagina. Kegel exercises have also been proven to not only increase stimulation in a woman’s partner but in the woman herself along with the intensity of a woman’s orgasm.


Causes of a Loose Vagina — 3 Comments

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  2. Ok my name is Curtis an I’m dating someone who has had sex before in her life. She told me she had sex when she was young she told me around 12 is when she started an she was dating a guy who was 16 at the time but they broke up when she turned 15 an she also told me there was a inccedent where she got raped once but after that she was with the same guy till she turned 15 an broke up with um an so I was wondering cuz I’m not all that smart on the female organs but I have to ask. Will she be loose for me when the time come for me to have sex with her cuz she had sex in her past or will still be tight when turned on. an also I keep hearing from people on the Internet an some of my friends say that a vagina becomes loose if she had alot of sex an I also hear no it dosent an it go’s back to the way it was after sex no matter if she’s a virgin or not there’s no change at all in size,shape an tightness. Is this ture or not. Sorry if this is long I’m just very confused about this whole thing about tight an loose an that if someone was really big that the vagina will stretched an if someone smaller comes along she won’t feel anything cuz the bigger guy stretched her vagina out. An other thing is that my current girlfriend had alot of sex so I’m just woundring would she be looser in sex cuz of all the sex she’s had or no. Please I want an honest answer on this I’m very confused an would really like the truth on this matter so I don’t have to worry or feel bad anymore.

  3. My GF’s vagina used to be INCREDIBLY tight where just 1 finger used to be uncomfortable unless I was very gentle. It took some warm up time but even then it was still really tight.

    Now I can easily get 2 or 3 fingers in there from the start.

    She works out 4 days a week doing kickboxing and situps.

    I’ve had unfaithful lovers in the past and dislike thinking that she is doing the same thing. I really dont think she is…but this wideness is quite disturbing especially since it didn’t used to be this way.

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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