Home Remedy to Tighten Vagina

The one home remedy that is proven to tighten your vagina is exercise. There are beneficial exercises out there that anybody can try and you can use vaginal weights as well. Many women are plagued with the same question so please don’t feel like you are the lone ranger, but in understand that there is no magical cream or quick fix. Just start out one day at a time doing a few tightening motions with your vagina and you will see results. Take it from someone who knows, I could squeeze the juice out of a grape and I didn’t use a magic cure or vinegar like some would lead you to believe. Just plain old Kegel exercises.

Kegel exercises is your most viable option in strenghtening the muscles in your vagina. If you don’t really know what muscle you are trying to work, when you sit on the toilet to urinate, stop midstream. The muscle you feel tightening is the one that you are trying to work. If you are not able to stop midsrtrean then you have some work ahead of you.

There are many names for this muscle; kegel, pelvic floor and one that I can’t even pronounce, but you ladies will know what I am talking about when you begin to work it out.

Be mindful that you don’t have to strain yourself, if you take 10 minutes a day, to practice tightening and releasing this muscle you will begin to notice a change. The best thing is that you can do them virtually anywhere, you are contracting and relaxing this muscle and no one knows what you are doing. The exercise can also be sexually stimulating and serve as a boost for your sexual health.

Technology had change and there are now vaginal cones that are in laymens terms a vaginal weight. They are not so heavy that you feel like the bottom of your body is going to fall out and they are designed for the vagina. You insert them into your vagina and use your pelvic floor muscle to hold it in. When you feel it slipping you contract your muscle to hold it in.

This is an effective method in improving incontinence, but consider you get a 2 for one because the cones combined with kegels, will have you on the road to stronger pelvic muscles and a very tight vagina. They help you train your vaginal muscles and during intercourse you will be able to use these muscles in different variations and you and your mate will experience heightened pleasure.

I consider myself a success story, I survived a hysterectomy and 3 live births and I started out doing a few kegels while sitting at my desk or while I was driving in the car and built my way up to holding my muscle tight for an hour and doing soft and hard squeezes. You will know that you have arrived when you can squat and clench your muscle and still hold something inside of your vagina, and in my opinion it doesn’t get any tighter than that.


Home Remedy to Tighten Vagina — 5 Comments

  1. Wow I so believe that is the answer to a tighter vagina. I have two kids and my youngest is 18mos. The other day I was having sex w my partner and he told me I wasn’t tight while stroking in me. I started crying and pushed him off.
    But now I’m starting the pelvic floor exercise. It is going well and I will not be having sex for a while until I have mastered it

  2. im alittle younger than you probably think but i think this might work. thank you so much. <3

  3. Wow I’ll use these exercises, I feel embarrased recently during sex as I can feel that my vagina is slightly loose because of child births.

  4. A few days ago my husband told me that i have a loose vaginal i feel so bad i didnt show it to him but it really hurt me a lot. i dont know what to do. I hope these exercises work..

  5. :wink: I’m able to grab on to My partner and he can’t pull all the way out (he’s not using all his force, just normal pull out). Whoop kegels

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