How Long to Tighten Vagina

Have you noticed that it takes more to pleasure you? Has your partner ever said the same things? Well there are ways that you can fix it, even though there are a lot of reasons for having it.

A loose vagina can be caused by a number of things. Having a child can significantly loosen your vagina, because it becomes enlarged. If you have lots of sex, then it could be loose. You can even be born with a loose vagina.

If you feel the need to put larger things into your vagina for pleasure, then it is most likely loose. You may notice that your vagina does not fully close when you are not in the mood. Maybe your partner isn’t getting the pleasure that they would normally get. If you can get at least three of your fingers inside with no problem at all, then you may have a loose vagina.

You can tighten up your vagina by doing Kegel exercises. These are when your PC muscles are squeezed for at least 3 seconds, and then you relax for at least 5 seconds. These can be done anywhere at any time. They work best when they are repeated. Kegels will help to increase pleasure by making the muscles that surround your pelvic area more elastic and stronger.

You can also try lying down and squeezing together the muscles that you use to stop urinating. Squeeze then relax for a couple of seconds. If you feel your butt muscles or your stomach muscles tightening along with this, then you know you are not doing it right.

Another way you could tighten up your vagina is to use vaginal cones. These help tighten it up because they are weighted. All you have to do is insert them.

You could also try using smart balls to tighten up things down there. All you have to do is insert the smart balls, and tighten your muscles around them. Do your Kegel’s with them in place, and you could even try taking a walk with them in place. This with make your muscles a lot stronger.

You could always turn to surgery to help you out. This should always be your last option to turn to. The surgical procedure is called angioplasty, and it helps to restore the muscles in the vagina. This will help to tighten it. This surgical procedure is expensive, and it can be dangerous. Due to some complications that could occur to the wall and muscles, you may never be able to feel any pleasure. Extra lining is removed, and repairs are done to the surrounding tissues. This surgery is most often used to fix abnormalities, and certain congenital problems such as the lack of a vagina.

Surgery should be the last option that you consider because of the risk that it comes with. If nothing else listed above works for you, you should see your gynecologist to see what else you can do instead of going through the costly surgical procedure.


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