How to Do Kegel Exercises

Kegel is a form of exercise which can not only be beneficial to the health and function of your body, but also increase sexual stimulation for not only yourself but also for your partner. This article will help educate you on exactly what Kegel Exercises are and how you can utilize the system for your own personal gain.

What are Kegel Exercises?

Kegel Exercises are a form of utilizing muscles (the pelvic floor muscles), and pulling in these muscles while holding the muscles tense for a specific amount of time. In doing these exercises you are slowly building up either more strength or recently lost strength that these pelvic muscles once had. The following steps can help you learn how to preform successful Kegel exercises.

Step 1 Preparation

As odd as this may initially sound, the first step to learning how to control and flex your pelvic floor muscles is to learn exactly where these pelvic floor muscles are. Approximately 70% of all beginners who try Kegel exercises are actually utilizing the wrong muscles due to not locating the appropriate facility of the correct muscles beforehand.

In men and women the correct way to properly find ones pelvic floor muscles is a little different; in women the task is much easier than in men.

For women this task can be appropriately accomplished by inserting a finger into the vagina and attempting to flex the muscles tightly around your finger, once you feel the pressure around your finger you know that you are using the correct muscle.

For men the best way to find the pelvic floor muscles is to practice controlling the release of urine. The pelvic muscles are the muscles which hold back urine when you are trying not to urinate before using the bathroom in both men and women. By stopping yourself from urinating you know you are utilizing the pelvic floor muscle.

Step 2 Test Your Muscles Limits

To successfully preform Kegel exercises and receive the desired results you need to get a rough estimate of just how much it takes to actually affect your muscle. What I mean by this is slowly working the muscle until it feels tired keeping track of just how many flexes it takes to exhaust the muscle.

The best way to test your pelvic floor muscle the first time is to squeeze the muscle and hold it for 3 to 5 seconds, and then relax the muscle for 5 seconds. Repeat this process until the muscle becomes tired.

Step 3 Create a Schedule

Now that you have an idea of exactly what your pelvic muscles can and cannot do in their current state, you have a good idea where you should be starting. What you want to do is start out with just a few exercises a day, push yourself to the tired point but not beyond. Then slowly as time progresses extend that amount of time longer, if you find that this extension is too much then slow it down a bit. Over time your muscles will develop in strength. This strength will tighten and enlarge the muscles making vaginal cavities smaller, and orgasms more intense during sexual activity.


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  1. actually i just want to make my vajina tight n i am havent given any birth to baby n m not married but i know i have lil bit loose n after 5 month m going to get married so m afraid about this if any sujjestion please can u mail me

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