A Loose Vagina – Do I Have One?

It’s a common fear that your body might not be ‘up to snuff’ – everyday we look around at fashion magazines and see beautiful ladies in bikinis that have bodies that we’d give up our donuts to have… But how can you tell if your vagina is too loose?

First things first – if you have never given birth to your own child, and are not grossly overweight (100+ pounds or more) then the chances are better for you to win the lottery than of having a problem with a loose vagina. So you can stop reading now – you don’t have a problem.  The overwhelmingly fundamental cause of a loose vagina is childbirth.  Your vagina’s muscles can lose up to 50% of their strength after childbirth.

A commonly asserted way to check is to see if you can insert 3 or more fingers easily into your vagina… if you can, then yes; the chances are excellent that you have a problem with a loose vagina.  The only problem with this method is that the size of your vagina changes if you’re excited, or even throughout the day just as the rest of your muscles can change.

Whether or not your vagina is too loose can also depend on the size of your partner – so there aren’t any absolutes, but the important thing to remember is that your vagina is a muscle, and like all muscles can be exercised for health.  Doing Kegel exercises can, within a matter of weeks, make a huge difference in your love life.  Even if you discover that you don’t have a loose vagina, Kegels can still be worthwhile – you’ll still see a difference!

Society has made fitness desirable, let’s face it, men who have ’6-pack abs’ and tight biceps are fun!  But having a well-toned vagina is something that’s hidden from view, except in the bedroom – and your partner will appreciate the time you spend exercising that muscle – trust me!

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