Make Your Vagina Tighter – Secrets Revealed!

Having a vagina that is tighter than the average will drive your partner wild – and nothing says ‘hot’ better than a tight vagina.  Men are attracted to women with tight vaginas, and since younger women haven’t had the number of pregnancies that are the leading cause of  a loose vagina – this explains why men are attracted to younger women.

But this doesn’t have to happen to you!  Our vaginas are nothing more than a muscle, and like all muscles, can be strengthened by exercise.  Dr. Arnold Kegel invented the training that does the job – strangely naming them ‘Kegels’.  What’s really fun is that you can do Kegal exercises anytime you want to – with no-one the wiser.  It’s an exercise you can do lying down, sitting, or standing and moving around – so there’s no limit to when you can practice your ‘Kegels’.

One way to speed up the results of Kegel exercises – to get a tighter vagina faster, is to use Kegel weights… this will help you isolate and work the correct muscle.  One problem that women have is that unless you’ve had help from your gynecologist, or have a good book on Kegel Exercises, you might be wasting your time exercising the wrong muscle!  So before you get started on vaginal tightening, you should be sure that you’re doing Kegels correctly!

The vaginal canal is just a muscle that exercise can improve – and one way to ‘wow’ a guy is to be able to tighten your vagina during lovemaking – it will certainly make him stand up and take notice!  But even more important than this is the health benefits – your vagina can loose up to 50% of its strength in childbirth – and this can lead to serious problems such as uterine prolapse – where your vagina can no longer support your uterus.  Recent childbirth is the cause for many women to go searching out information on how to make your vagina tighter – and the answer is really a simple one – Kegal exercises.

If the lovemaking benefits of tight vaginal muscles is more a concern, you might be interested in learning about The Vagina Bible – a book I wouldn’t want to take to church, but one that will help you increase the fun you have with your partner.  Having a tighter vagina can boost your health, esteem, and love life – what else can do all that?


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