Self consciousness about how your genitals look can cause a great deal of embarrassment during intimate situations. Many women feel bad about how their labia or vagina looks, which can potentially cause problems in their sex life. If you’re worried about how your vagina looks or how you might have an excessively loose vagina, then it can potentially have a major impact on your self esteem and emotional health.

Changing tightness in your vagina is a perfectly natural part of aging, and not a sign of poor vaginal health. Whether or not you have a tight vagina is something that changes over time, depending on the state of the muscles around it or how aroused you are at the time.

There are many myths about vaginal tightening, and it is important to always remember that it is never your fault, and never a major problem. For the most part, the idea of a permanently loose vagina is a myth designed to shame women for being sexually active with multiple partners.

That being said, if you feel you have a loose vagina and it is causing you problems with self esteem, self consciousness, embarrassment, or issues with your sex life, then there are several options you can take that might help you to feel more confident and comfortable about your vagina, although you should remember that your vagina will always return to its natural level of tightness over time.

Your vagina is naturally elastic and, while it will stretch out over the course of your life thanks to the passage of large objects such as penises or sex toys going in and babies going out, it will always eventually return to its natural tightness. It is possible to help your vaginal walls to return to a natural level of tightness and strength a little faster, though, if you use certain products and practices to help boost the rejuvenation and tightness of your vagina.

There are many natural options that can help to increase the tightness of your vagina, ranging from dietary changes to creams to physical exercises for your pelvic floor muscles. The best way to increase the tightness of your vagina is to combine an effective cream with physical exercises such as kegels. That’s where you might want to look for a natural vaginal tightening gel such as V tightening gel.

V Tight Gel

V Tight Gel is a natural vaginal tightening gel that can make a significant difference to a loose vagina if used in combination with regular exercises for a tight vagina. This method does not require strenuous physical activity, and the V tight gel begins to show effects only a few minutes after application.

If you’re self conscious about the tightness of your vagina, then V Tight Gel can make a significant difference to your self confidence and help you to feel comfortable and self assured in your own body and your vagina.

V Tight Gel is an effective method of tightening the vaginal wall, as well as helping to rejuvenate your vagina, reduce the risk of infection, maintain a healthy vaginal pH value, and reduce vaginal discharge. It also has sexual advantages, as it can increase lubrication and give easier and more frequent orgasms. As an added benefit, V tight gel gives additional tightness and strength in other areas around the pelvic floor, helping to give better bladder control and reducing urinary incontinence. In general, V tight gel helps to delay the aging process around your vagina and helps to keep it as healthy as possible.

This works by helping you to improve muscle strength, a process that can be significantly boosted by regularly performing kegels and other muscle exercises in combination with the regular application of V tight gel. It also helps to remove dead cells and boosts the growth of new cells, increasing the health and natural lubrication of your vagina, as well as encouraging a higher level of blood flow to the vaginal lining, increasing sensitivity and sexual stimulation.

Active ingredients of V Tight Gel

V tight gel contains a range of natural active ingredients, including sodium benzoate, sodium PCA as a valuable amino acid for vaginal health, Arginine to increase the blood supply to your vaginal lining, citrus extract to help maintain a healthy pH level in your vagina, and, most importantly, Manjakani extracts.

Manjakani is a Malaysian gall, a growth that occurs on one specific type of oak tree in Malaysia. For centuries, Malay women have combined manjakani with other herbs to make drinking remedies to restore the elasticity of the wall of the uterus and the vagina after childbirth. There are no known hazardous side effects of manjakani, and it has been used by Arabs, Persians, Indians, and Malay and Chinese people to treat vaginal discharges and postpartum infections after childbirth.

Manjakani is a powerful natural astringent, and is an entirely natural plant extract. This plant extract is an effective way of helping the tissue of your vaginal wall to contract, bringing it back to its natural level of tightness faster than it would do otherwise. While your vagina will always return to a tight, flexible state over time, ingredients suck as manjakani help this vaginal rejuvenation to happen faster.

As an added bonus, manjakani is effective at reducing vaginal discharges, helping to reduce unwanted odors and keep your vagina clean, healthy, and fresh. Removing bad odors can make a significant difference to your happiness and confidence in intimate situations, helping you to feel like you’re at your best and improving your sex life through just generally helping you to feel good about yourself and your vagina in all ways and at all times.

V tight gel’s helpful pH balancing effects help to ensure that your vagina stays healthy and free from infections. If your vagina changes pH, this can make it vulnerable to harmful microbes which can cause unpleasant infections. V tight gel helps to keep your vagina’s pH at a natural, healthy level of acidity, preventing the growth of microbes and therefore reducing the risk of infections significantly.

All of the ingredients of V Tight Gel are natural and clinically proven, making this a great, safe product that contains all natural ingredients that promote vaginal health and muscle strength, helping to keep you feeling tight, fresh, clean and strong in every way. All of the natural ingredients of V tight gel are entirely FDA approved and guaranteed as safe. In addition to this, they have been tested for effectiveness and to ensure that there are no side effects. V tight gel is an entirely safe product that promises a significant aid to the tightness of your vagina without any risk of severe side effects.

V tight gel where to buy?

V Tight Gel is supplied worldwide, with only a few exceptions. There is a drop down menu listing the countries in which V tight gel is available, located on the V tight gel website. All of the countries listed on that menu are those in which V tight gel is available, and if your country is missing from that list then unfortunately V tight gel cannot be ordered in your country.

The v tight gel website supports credit or debit card payment options for ordering online, but will not allow cash on delivery as a payment method. Standard domestic shipping within the USA takes 5 to 10 business days in most cases, and comes with tracking details, while international shipping is completed via USPS and takes around 14 to 21 business days, assuming no delays at customs. International orders do not come with tracking numbers, and there is a risk that sometimes shipments will be delayed for longer than 21 business days thanks to customs processes occasionally taking longer than expected.

The v tight gel company ships in 100% discreet packaging, thanks to their commendable dedication to your privacy. All orders are shipped in plain brown packaging with no indication of the contents whatsoever, leaving everyone else entirely unaware of your order and keeping your privacy secure to help reduce the risk of embarrassment around the process of ensuring a tighter vagina with v tight gel uk.

In order to ensure that you are receiving a legitimate, safe and 100% genuine v tightening gel product, you should always order from the official v tight gel website. This guarantees that you receive a legitimate and safe product rather than an imitation which might contain all sorts of potentially dangerous and hazardous ingredients absent from the legitimate product. In addition to this, the official v tight gel website offers a 90 day money back guarantee, giving you further peace of mind when buying this product to obtain a tight vagina at home.

Is v tight gel permanent?

V tight gel is not a permanent vagina tightening solution. It starts to work immediately a few minutes after you apply it to the walls of your vagina, and gives great results very quickly. These results will fade over time, though, with your vagina gradually returning to the state in which it was before you first applied the cream. If you keep on using v tight gel on a regular basis for a long period of time, then you might find that there are longer term effects.

In order to help the effects of v tight gel to last for as long as possible, you’re going to want to use an exercise routine alongside the regular applications of v tight gel. Starting a regular routine of kegel exercises can make a huge difference to your vagina, helping you to restore your vagina to its natural tightness much faster than it would do on its own without assistance. The combination of kegel exercises and v tight gel application can give some of the best results of any vagina tightening option to help a loose vagina recover as fast as possible.

V tight gel is not a one night instant solution to returning your vagina to tightness immediately. This is a natural product that helps your vagina’s elasticity to return on its own, so you need to be patient and to be prepared to keep on using the product on a regular basis for a long period of time, as well as to combine the regular application of V tight gel with a good diet and regular exercise of your pelvic floor muscles such as kegels or yoga. Combining these three approaches will give you the best long term results possible as fast as possible.

How long does v tight gel last?

One of the most commonly asked questions about v tight gel is how long the vagina tightening effects of the gel last for after applying it. While you can feel the first effects of applying v tight gel to the wall of your vagina only a few minutes after you first apply the gel, these results are only temporary, and without further steps your vagina will gradually return to the level of elasticity you experienced before first applying the v tight gel to your vaginal wall.

This product does not last for ever, and does not bring your vagina back to perfect tightness overnight. What you’re aiming to achieve with V tight gel is simply using its natural ingredients to help your vagina to return to tightness on its own using natural processes. If you keep on making regular use of v tight gel, applying it on a daily basis, then you may well find that there are milder long term effects, giving a little more tightness for a longer period of time.

The best way to encourage the effects of V tight gel to last for longer is by combining regular use of this cream with other methods of increasing vaginal tightness. V tight gel is the safest and quickest option for helping with a loose vagina when combined with exercise and a good diet, so the recommended approach is to combine regular use of v tight gel with pelvic floor muscle strength exercises such as kegel exercises and regular yoga.

Used on its own, the effects of v tight gel will not last for more than a day or two. If combined with these exercises and a healthy diet to promote vaginal health, though, v tight gel can last for much longer, with some effects lingering even after the major effects of v tightening gel have faded away.  

How to use v tight gel

V tight gel is very easy to use, which is part of why it is a good choice for improving the elasticity of a loose vagina and helping you to return to having a tighter vagina. Simply ensure that your vagina is clean, squeeze a little bit of gel onto your fingertip, and apply it to the walls of your vagina, making sure that you’re careful and gentle in your finger movements. Repeat this method every day or two in order to encourage your loose vagina to become a tighter vagina.

There are some additional elements that you will also want to consider when using v tight gel, primarily based around other practices that you may want to use in combination with regular application of v tight gel.

One of the best things to add to your vaginal care routine in addition to regular use of v tight gel is regular kegel exercises to help strengthen the muscles of your pelvic floor. The first step in doing kegel exercises is to work out which of your muscles are your pelvic floor muscles.

In order to find your pelvic floor muscles, try to stop mid stream while you are peeing. If you successfully stop mid flow, then you’ve used your pelvic floor muscles! Remember which muscles these are, and make sure you always empty your bladder before every time you perform kegel exercises.

Once you’ve worked out which of your muscles are your pelvic floor muscles, you can use these muscles to perform kegels in order to help your v tight gel work at its best in order to work towards having a tighter vagina. The most common approach to kegels involves lying on your back, but it is possible to do them while you are standing up or sitting down too, if you don’t feel like lying down in order to do kegels when you use v tight gel.

To do a kegel as part of your using v tight gel routine, simply tighten your pelvic floor muscles and hold them fully contracted for a full 5 seconds. Relax your pelvic floor muscles again, and then tighten them once more. Repeat this cycle of contractions at least 5 times, and try to perform this pattern of 5 kegels 5 to 10 times every day in order to build up more pelvic floor muscle strength. As you get more practised at kegels, you can start to increase the length of time you hold each contraction for.

Combining kegels with regular application of v tight gel is the best way to use v tight gel for the longest lasting and most noticeable effects, helping you to restore your loose vagina to its natural tightness as fast as possible.

How to apply v tight gel

V tight gel is very easy to apply to your vagina, which is part of why this is such a popular and highly recommended safe supplement to help tighten your vagina. Start by ensuring that your vagina is clean and well maintained in order to get the best effects, and that you have washed your hands with antiseptic soap. Then simply squeeze a little of the v tight gel onto your fingertip and apply it to the wall of your vagina. Make sure that you do so with care and keep your touch gentle to reduce the risk of discomfort! Once you’re finished, make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly, and try to use your v tight gel roughly once a day.


V tight gel is one of the best natural vagina tightening gel options available, thanks to its ease of use and powerful effects. All of its ingredients are entirely safe and natural, helping you to keep your vagina as healthy as possible. In addition to this, the effects of v tight gel include other valuable features such as keeping the pH of your vagina at an optimal level and encourage the production of natural lubricants from your vagina and other boosts to your vaginal health.