Let’s get this out of the way: no, your vagina doesn’t loosen permanently as the result of sex. Well, it shouldn’t, anyway. There’s a lot of reasons that your vagina might not be tightening properly, but it usually comes down to your medical health and the number of children you have given birth to.

The myth of “virgins are tighter” is something that a lot of men like to spread to their friends, but they don’t realize that excessive tightness is just as likely to be a massive case of vaginismus (yes, it is a real word, I promise I didn’t just make that up!)

There are only really two main reasons, if you don’t count slightly rarer medical conditions, for a loose vagina: you’ve either not fully recovered from childbirth yet, or you are old enough to see a drop in your estrogen levels. Either way, you might notice that your poor old naughty parts seem dry, thinner, and less stretchy than they used to be.

Thankfully, if you want to tighten yourself up a little more, you don’t need to rely on a visit to a professional – it is actually quite easy to do with a few items that you might have lying around at home or some over-the-counter gels and medicines that don’t put you in any danger.


Yes, I know, exercise sucks, but it’s also one of the best ways to strengthen your vaginal muscles in a completely natural way. Since they are basically just core exercises, they will also help with supporting and strengthening other parts of your body, including your bladder and the lower part of your stomach. Not bad, right?

Obviously, this might get harder when you’re older, and there’s no guarantee that it’ll undo the damage that’s already done – it can still be useful, but a few Kegel exercises or stretches here and there won’t be a magical fountain of vaginal youth.


+ Completely free
+ Easy to do at home
+ Can be done at any age
+ It’s exercise, what else can I say?

Why we like it:

Well, it’s simple, really – it’s exercise! Cheap, efficient, and good for your health, but it won’t solve everything by itself. There’s not much else to really say about it.

Vaginal Cones:

Okay, hear me out on this one. Vaginal cones are specially-shaped objects that you place into your vagina to improve the muscles inside: the muscles have to try and keep the object inside you, giving these muscles some exercise that helps them grow stronger and tighter.

Haven’t lost you yet? Good.

These cones are the equivalent of weighted armbands that you might wear during your daily routine to help your arms get slightly stronger. You literally just place the cones in your vagina, squeeze your vaginal muscles together for fifteen to twenty minutes twice daily, and start using heavier and heavier cones as you feel the muscles getting stronger and the vagina getting tighter.


+ Based purely around muscle growth
+ Doesn’t require any chemicals or muscle stimulants
+ Can be re-used as many time as needed

Why we like it:

I’ll admit, it’s definitely not the most conventional way to tighten up your vagina, but it’s also one of the most straightforward. Even if you’re not a massive fan of exercises, you can easily use these cones without tiring yourself out, and they won’t run out like gels and formulas will.

V-Tight Gel:

V-Tight Gel is a natural tightening gel that is meant to help tighten up your vaginal muscles without overdoing it, helping your vagina settle back to its natural size and shape. While it’s mainly marketed as a tool to help new mothers who’ve just gone through childbirth, it’s safe to use in almost any other situation, since there’s no questionable chemicals or medicines mixed in. The main ingredient, Manjakani extract, is already well-known for improving tightness, which is definitely a good sign: you’ve probably seen it in a lot of other remedies and vagina-related health products.


+ Provides a natural level of tightness
+ Works well for new mothers
+ Helps with lubrication
+ Safe to use right before sex
+ Completely natural

Why we like it:

Manjakani extract by itself is known for being an excellent vaginal health aid, and having it mixed into an all-natural gel makes it far easier to apply without having to worry about what chemicals it’s using or how it’ll react against certain skin types and conditions.

Gel Buyer’s Guide

Speaking of gels, there’s a lot of different varieties out there, and they all use different formulas and extracts that can change exactly what they do for your vagina. Some are better for restoring lubrication while others provide better muscle growth and speeds skin repair, so it’s a good idea to track down one that actually solves the problems you’re running into.


As I mentioned before, Manjakani extract is a really popular choice when it comes to naturally healing your vagina, and it has been used for decades in both natural forms and as part of gel formulas. Either way, it’s excellent for helping your vagina get its muscle strength back, as well as curing certain skin issues and strengthening the internal tissue and walls of the vagina.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel has a much more subtle effect on your vagina, getting rid of harmful infections and contracting loose tissue while dealing with inflammation and odors quite well. It is sometimes mixed in with other extracts, since it doesn’t do as much to restore actual muscle strength, but it can be an excellent choice for people who want to kill off bacterial issues quickly.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is famous for its skin-healing properties, and this extends to vaginal tissue. The extra moisturization makes it great for dry vaginas, and it can also deal with a range of different skin issues (such as a constant itch) without feeling uncomfortable to use. Not only that, but it’s entirely natural, and you can even grow the source plants at home, so it’s not too hard to get hold of!